College of Literature Department of Japanese Language and Literature Academic Staff
Professor (Total:10)
Name Specialization Areas
HAN, Gyoung Ja Japanese literature, Literature in general
HIOKI Shunji Japanese literature, Aesthetics and art studies, European literature
KOMATSU Yasuhiko Japanese literature, Early Japanese literature, Acceptance of Japanese classics, War literature, Comparative litarerure, Translation studies, Bibliography, Japanese calligraphy and book design, History of Japanese traditional and modern culture
OOYA Taeko Japanese literature
SATO Izumi Japanese history, Japanese literature, Education, History of thought
SAWADA Jun Linguistics, Japanese linguistics
TAKADA Hirohiko Japanese literature, Japanese linguistics
TAKEUCHI Kayo Japanese literature, Gender studies
YAMAMOTO Keisuke Japanese literature
YAMAZAKI Ai Chinese literature, Japanese literature
Associate Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
OE Motoki Japanese linguistics, Japanese language education, Linguistics
TAKIZAWA Mika Japanese literature
YAMAGUCHI Kazuki Japanese literature
Assistant Professor (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
INOUE Kosuke Japanese linguistics, Japanese language education