College of Science and Engineering Department of Integrated Information Technology Academic Staff
Professor (Total:9)
Name Specialization Areas
DURST, Martin Jakob Software Engineering (esp. WWW and Software Internationalization)
ITOH Yuichi Intelligent informatics, Human interface and interaction, Kansei informatics
LOPEZ, Guillaume Wearable Sensing System, Ubiquitous Information System, Human Informatics, Behavior Transformation by AIoT, Sports sciences
MORITA Takeshi Intelligent informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web, Knowledge-Based Software Engineering
OOHARA Kouzou Intelligent informatics, Perceptual information processing, Web informatics and service informatics
SUMI Kazuhiko Theory of informatics, Intelligent informatics, Measurement engineering, Information network
TOBE Yoshito Communication and network engineering, Control and system engineering
YAMAGUCHI Hiroaki Mechanics and mechatronics, Perceptual information processing
YUE, Yonghao High performance computing, Computational science
Assistant Professor (Total:2)
Name Specialization Areas
CHAKRABORTY, Sudesna Cognitive and brain science, Neuroscience-general
HAO, Guoqing Perceptual information processing, Intelligent informatics
Research Associate (Total:6)
Name Specialization Areas
ISHII Mikihiro Web informatics and service informatics
KIMURA Shoko Medical assistive technology
KUDO Masato Robotics and intelligent system
URAGAKI Keishiro Soft computing, Database
YAMASHITA Yui Information network
YAMAZAKI Tomoaki Robotics and intelligent system