School of International Politics, Economics and Communication Department of International Communication Academic Staff
Professor (Total:11)
Name Specialization Areas
CHEN, Jidong History of thought, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy and Buddhist philosophy, Religious studies, International relations
EVANOFF, Richard John Philosophy and ethics
IKAWA Hajime Linguistics, Basic mathematics, Animal physiological chemistry, physiology and behavioral biology, Cognitive science
KAKAI Hisako Educational psychology, Social psychology
KATSUMATA Eriko Education, Intercultural Communication, Multicultural Studies, Foreign language education, Public Speaking, Intercultural Training, Active Learning
KOKUBU Toshihiro English literature and literature in the English language, European literature
PODALKO, Petr International relations, Linguistics
SARUHASHI Junko Linguistics, Foreign language education, Cultural anthropology and folklore
SUEDA Kiyoko Foreign language education, Sociology, Social psychology
TASAKI Katsuya Social psychology, Foreign language education, Experimental psychology
WATANABE Chiaki History of Europe and America, Religious studies, Area studies
Associate Professor (Total:4)
Name Specialization Areas
ICHIKI Hiroshi History of Asia and Africa, Geography
NISHIMURA Kohei Linguistics
OKUMURA Katharine Tertiary education, Foreign language education
TORITSUKA, Ayuchi Cultural anthropology and folklore, Area studies