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  KAMEI-DYCHE, Andrew Terence
   Department   Aoyama Gakuin University  Department of Global Studies and Collaboration, School of Global Studies and Collaboration
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Specialization and related fields
History of Japanese print culture, Japanese history, Intellectual history, religion, media, Chinese history, world history 
■ Academic background
1. Carleton University Graduated
2. Carleton University B.Hum.
3. University of British Columbia〔Master Course〕 Completed
4. University of British Columbia M.A. (History)
5. University of Southern California〔Doctorial Course〕 Completed
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■ Business career
1. 2010~2011 Shibaura Institute of Technology Adjunct Instructor
2. 2010~2011 Sophia University Adjunct Instructor
3. 2011~2017 Kanda University of International Studies Department of Enlish, Global Communication Institute Assistant Professor
4. 2011~2017 Kanda University of International Studies Japan Research Institute Researcher
5. 2015~2020 Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages Part-time Lecturer
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■ Belonging society
1. Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
2. Bookselling Research Network (BRN)
3. Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
4. Japan Society of Publishing Studies
5. Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)
■ Activity in society
1. 2022/07 「変容する社会で、人はどう生きてきたのか:歴史からヒントを探る」 公開講座
2. 2021/11 「出版社と日本近代社会:岩波書店と講談社はいかに日本を代表する出版社となった のか?」 学問入門講座
3. 2018~ Advisory Editor, Book History (journal)
4. 2015~2016 The History of Premodern Japan (15-lecture MOOC series) Link
5. 2013/12~2019/03 Co-Translator,「英語歳時記」(Almanac of Seasonal Words), Yomiuri Shinbun
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book Reading Spaces in Modern Japan: The Evolution of Sites and Practices of Reading   (Single) 2023/03 Link
2. Book Crafting the Modern Word: Writing, Publishing and Modernity in the Print Culture of Prewar
Japan Comparative Print Culture: A Study of Alternative Literary Modernities, ed. Rasoul Aliakbari pp.185-203 (Single) 2020
3. Article Global Human Resource Development from the Perspective of Japanese Culture: Preparing Japanese Interpreters to Assist Foreign Visitors in 2020 グローバル・コミュニケーション研究 6,pp.53-71 (Single) 2018
4. Article Reading Culture in Japan Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature  (Single) 2017 Link
5. Article Mapping the Intellectual Landscape: Bookstores and Book Towns in the Late Meiji Era The Annals of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian U. 16(1),pp.267-276 (Single) 2016 Link
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■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2017/02/25 An Historian on Japanese Entrepreneurialism (神田外語学院)
2. 2016/02/29 Print Mass Media and Culture in Contemporary Japan (神田外語大学)
3. 2016/02/29 The Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Modern Japanese History (神田外語学院)
4. 2013/10/28 Japan’s Communities: Past and Present (神田外語大学)
5. 2011/11/18 It’s All Connections! ~Natsume Sōseki, Iwanami Shigeo, and Intellectual Life in the Late Meiji Period~ (津田塾大学)
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2022/09/08 Japanese Bookselling in Times of Trouble: From the Great Kantō Earthquake to the Coronavirus Pandemic (Bookselling Research Network Conference)
2. 2021/02/04 Enterprising Authors and Cultural Capital in Prewar Japanese Publishing: The Case of Natsume Sōseki and Iwanami Shoten (EURAXESS Japan)
3. 2020/11/20 Seeking an Intellectual Foundation for Inter-Asian Collaboration: The Sino-Japanese Historical Experience (“Asia is One: Asian Cultures and Mind” SARC [South Asia Research Center, Soka University] – Japan Spotlight Joint Symposium)
4. 2019/09/05 Networking among Noble Families: Cases from the Japanese Medieval Experience (CARMEN (Worldwide Medieval Network))
5. 2019/07/16 The Ongoing Transformation of Public Reading Spaces in Japan (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP))
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