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  SAKON Tomu
   Department   Aoyama Gakuin University  , School of International Politics, Economics and Communication
   Position   Professor
■ Specialization and related fields
Religious studies 
■ Academic background
1. Tokyo Union Theological Seminary
2. Tokyo Union Theological Seminary〔Master Course〕 Completed
3. Princeton Theological Seminary〔Doctorial Course〕 Completed Ph.D.
■ Business career
1. 1995/04~1998/03 Shiloh Church, The United Church of Christ in Japan Pastor
2. 2001/09~2005/05 Princeton Theological Seminary Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Library Assistant (Cataloging; Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic)
3. 2006/09~2008/03 International Christian University Part time Lecturer
4. 2008/04~2010/03 Seigakuin University Human Welfare Assistant Professor/Chaplain
5. 2010/04~2014/03 Seigakuin University Human Welfare Associate Professor/Chaplain
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■ Official position and committee in Univ.
1. 2018/04/01~ Aoyama Gakuin University University Chaplain
■ Book and thesis
1. Book Fire Sent from Above:Reading Lamentations in the Shadow of Hiroshima/Nagasaki 学位論文 (Dissertation)  (Single) 2011/11
2. Article Re-Contextualization of Human Dignity: An Old Testament Perspective Theological Studies in Japan 58,pp.180-185 (Single) 2019/09
3. Article Reading the Old Testament in the Shadow of COVID-19   (Single) 2021/03
4. Other 辞書項目執筆Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception   (Collaboration) 2016
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2020/02/03 Living out Shalom through sufferings
2. 2018/09/12 Re-contextualization of Human Dignity: An Old Testament Perspective